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  • Tough and long-lasting PP material.
  • Large, 43-litre storage capacity.
  • Size : 31,8 x 45,5 x 54,5 cm
  • Can fit two full-face helmets.
  • Waterproof against rain.
  • Boxy shape allowing for ease of carrying items.
  • Carries up to 3kg with the MV mount, 5kg with the HRV mount.
  • Velcro pads for waist adjustment.
  • Monolock® with Monokey® security system.

Usage Experience:

As we mentioned earlier, the boxy shape of the E43NTL allows the rider to carry more items easier. Both the lid and bottom portion of the box are deep enough to fit many items. The dimensions are wide enough to fit a backpack filled with a 15-inch laptop, and there is still enough space for a GIVI rainsuit and other items.

The E43NTL-ADV version is recommended if you are a rider who tours frequently. The eyelets on the lid allow you to fit the carrying net, thus expanding the total carrying capacity. The inner padding is useful in both insulating your items from shock, besides allowing water to drain down to the bottom of the box, should you carry your wet GIVI rainsuit.

We have seen many of our valued customer fitting the E43NTL and carrying all sorts of items, including camping tents to faraway places.

The boxy design also contributed to the E43NTL’s popularity as it does not make the box look out of place on the bike. This fact is seen by the number of kapchais using the box.

The E43NTL is the best choice if you want a single hard luggage.